Saturday, 21 January 2012

Meet cute

Which book to read for my meet cute?
I was on the tram on the way to work on Friday. I had a book in my bag, but I wasn't reading. But as I was staring out of the window, it occurred to me that not reading was a big mistake. Because if I wasn't reading, how could I possibly have my meet cute with the literary boy of my dreams?

The meet cute is that moment in the movies where the heroine reaches for the last donut at the same time the hero does; when the heroine meets a boy at a party and they are basically wearing the same thing; or the heroine is trying on a fabulous new dress, and she loses her friend and so she goes out into the store to find said friend and runs into a cute guy instead, who compliments our heroine on how nice the dress looks and asks if she'd like to wear the dress on a date with him (wow, that sentence really got out of hand.)? THAT's the meet cute.

My meet cute on public transport would go something like this ... I'm clinging to a pole and trying to read at the same time. I'm reading something like a young adult fantasy book, which I know to be awesome, but judgey judgers might get snooty about. The tram jolts I manage to stay standing, but my book falls to the ground. Before I can reach it, the cute boy standing near me reaches down and picks it up. I wait for him to say something snide, but instead he asks me if the book is any good. You see, he's just started reading young adult books and he's HOOKED. That's how my public transport meet cute would go. We'd then go to a cafe and talk books all day.

Of course, that would never happen. For one, we couldn't talk books all day because I'd have to go to work (although an amended meet cute fantasy could see the cute boy starting work in my office). For another, I never make eye contact with strangers on public transport. Talking to strangers, oh the horror! And another. No cute boys ever ride my tram route.

But come work on Monday, I'm going to get my book out on the tram. Just. In. Case.

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